‘Trust Marketing’- The Most reliable OA (Office Automation) Company offers ‘One Stop Solution for all your OA & Telecom Needs’. We bring forth our 30 Years of Experience & Expertise in this industry, offering range of Products & Solutions. From a humble start in 1990, we are today one of the most trusted OA Companies in South India with many Reputed Tie-Ups and with rapid Geographical expansion.

Some Of Our Many First Of Its Kind:

  • One Of the first companies to adopt “Work From Home” as early as in 2009.
  • One and Only company in India to offer “Visit” based AMC to telecom products with unlimited validity which brings a win-win situation for both customer and vendor.
  • One of the very few to adopt “Productivity” over “Physical Attendance” based compensation.
  • Rarest of rare where more than 80% of our work force are in 100% variable model since 2009.
  • Company without an “Accountant”, yet the company’s accounts are completely online any moment.
  • “Process” over “Business” sums our team’s passion to comply with process even if it means loss of business.

Our Vision:

  • To acquire Experience & Expertise in a sustained manner to become the “Single largest and reliable source for all OA & IT needs”.
  • To expand the scope of operation from Chennai to all over South India, either directly or thru like-minded partners within a span of 3 years.
  • To be the most preferred vendor for OA & IT requirements.
  • Not to compromise on ethics and basic values for the sake of growth or business development.

Our Mission:

  • To thoroughly and carefully analyse and understand our client’s needs and requirements and to satisfy them using the best of our resources and abilities.
  • To strive hard to provide our customer’s with superior quality products and unsurpassed service, at all times, without any delay.
  • To create a Stress-Free and a Positive Work Environment for all our employees, as it provides the motivation to sustain them throughout the day.
  • To impart continuous skill training to all our employees to make them keep abreast of the latest changes and developments in the Industry at this digital age.
  • To expand our Business Module and our Leadership Role in the Industry
  • To approach our business with Innovation, Enthusiasm and Strong Commitment with focus on our core-fields.
  • To stay ahead of competition with Dedication, Sincerity and Hard work.

In Trust, we believe that we can best serve our clients by investing in two important resources : People & Technology.