[vc_row][vc_column width=”1/2″][vc_single_image image=”30707″ img_size=”full” alignment=”center”][/vc_column][vc_column width=”1/2″][vc_column_text css_animation=”none”]If you are someone who always felt “Annual Maintenance Contract(AMC)” is a loot in which there is only one clear winner every year – The service provider. Be rest assured you are not alone, in our 30 years of being in service industry, the voice echoed with almost every customer due to the opaque nature in which we were operating.  In our quest to alter the status quo and create a win – win that will ring in complete ‘Transparency’ in our opaqueness , helped us create our unique AMC model named as Smart Maintenance Service(SMS).[/vc_column_text][vc_column_text css_animation=”zoomIn”]Welcome to SMS (Smart Maintenance Service) a smart alternative to AMC.  Here you are not forced to accept what we give but experience freedom to choose what you want that is not just transparent but offers value for every paisa of your investment.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row][vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]

AMC a 'No Alternative Royalty' paid yearly without any parameter to quantify the amount, leaving Customer & Service provider to decide the benefactor only on their - Negotiating Skill, without any SLA (Service Level Agreement), failures that are covered and what if the obligation is not met half way period of the contract.

  • Configure your own plan suiting your requirement.
  • Only hardware coverage as the renewal with Choice of 3,6 & 12 Months.(Visit Cost Extra)
  • For risk takers, option of choosing only visit plan with unlimited validity with all privileges of an AMC Customer.
  • Preventive Maintenance is not compulsory, savings for those who would prefer maintaining themselves.
  • You can download our mobile app - Genie in which you will have complete information including the copy of your signed service reports of exhausted service visits (available from 01/04/2009).
  • We can send a mail with link of all  service reports on demand in less than 30 sec.
  • Every time you log in a service request, we send an Whatsapp & Email with count of remaining visit.
  • Every time after the service request is completed ,  we send an Whatsapp & Email with count of remaining visit.

  • This is our sample proposal of product - EPABX of model - NEC SL1000.
  • The proposal has two areas Current & Proposed.
  • In current area you can see Hardware Coverage is valid till / expired on 06/09/2020 and has 16 On Demand Visits pending and customer has chosen not to avail any periodic maintenance.
  • In Proposed area you can see the cost of Hardware Coverage is 14160 and will be valid till / expire on 06/09/2021. The customer already has 16 pending visits and he can choose to add / ignore ODV that has options of 6/12/24 visits.

ODV expanded as On Demand Visit, is an on-site visit requested by customer to rectify any failure arising in the contracted equipment.  In general ODV has capping of 1 hour from the time of check-in at customer site, however with prior approval this can be extended based on need on specific requirements as long as it is not misused. 

  • ODV can be added anytime either together with HCC or as standalone.
  • ODV has unlimited validity said otherwise the unused ODV count gets carried forward to subsequent years.
  • In case if you have not called us too many times during the year, you need not buy ODV during renewal.
  • ODV is valid for City limits and Customers outside City limits have to pay Travelling Allowance (TA) for every visit requested.

1) Warranty visit that gets added during any purchase of product gets deducted on expiry of warranty period. However you can still retain the visits by paying for AMC ahead Expiry date.

2) ODV visits have a validity period of 2 years and will get deducted from date of renewal. However you can still retain the visits by renewing the same ahead Expiry date.

Unlike AMC, it is not mandatory to pay for Hardware Coverage, if you as customer are willing to take chances. If you cover your equipment with HCC (Hardware Comprehensive Coverage) , you are entitled for complete replacement or repair of the failed component / card free of cost within reasonable time frame with least of inconvenience to the customer if the failure is due to normal usage wear & tear. In case there is an expected delay in replacement / service of the equipment , stand by equipment will be provided to minimise the  inconvenience.

Some of practical reasons that are not covered under HCC:

  • Failure due to High / Low voltage
  • Failure due to Lightning
  • Failure due to water logging 
  • Failure due to any liquids(water / coffee/milk / tea) poured into system by mistake
  • Failure due to Rat urination or any insect movement
  • Failure due to leakage of air conditioner placed above the equipment

If the customer has not opted for HCC or the failure is not due to normal wear and tear, we will service the equipment after taking necessary approval for the cost and repair / replace as deemed fit and restore the equipment at the earliest. During the period of failure , we shall take efforts to provide stand by (subject to availability & feasibility) to reduce the inconvenience that may arise due to this failure.

Lot have changed over years in the need for "Periodic Maintenance". Over time the cost of electronic items have reached near 50% and cost of repair reached near the cost of new replacement & it became more prudent to Use, Throw & Replace than Use & Repair.  Unlike old days Customers have also developed skills to do basic maintenance of every equipment at Office & Home. In today's context unless mandated by manufacturer rest of the equipment's  does not need any periodic maintenance.

Keeping in tune with this change, we separated this from our Contract and made it optional, so that who chooses to have SMV(Smart-Maintenance-Visit), as mandated by manufacturer pays up while the rest need not. 

  • The most fool proof and the easiest and available 24 * 7 * 365  , download the mobile APP Genie where you can directly enter the service request and get the Complaint number instantly all by yourself.
  • Visit https://trust.co.in and you can chat and register your service request and insist on Complaint number before logging off (Available between 10 AM to 6 PM).
  • Wats App your service request to 98842 66666 available 24 * 7 * 365 and your Complaint number back as reply between 10 AM to 6 PM.
  • Call our Call centre number 98842 66666 to register your service request and insist on Complaint number before disconnecting the call (Available between 10 AM to 6 PM).
  • Any other form of registering service request is outside our process bounds and has every chance of not getting into the system irrespective of level of human you have interacted in our organisation.
  • Any form of registering  service request that does not end with offering you Complaint number at termination is never a guarantee of  service request getting registered.

Email Alert :

Whasapp Alert :

Warm wishes from Trust Marketing,Your complaint for <product> given by <Registered By> is registered. Ref - <Complaint Number> Contract Till - <Hardware Coverage Valid Till> Balance visit - <Balance ODV Visits>. No more calls, you can Register/Track your tickets in our Mobile APP. Download TrustCust from Playstore and manage it all with your Fingers.

Email Alert :

Whatsapp Alert :

Warm wishes from Trust Marketing, <Service Engineer Name> has checked in @ Your Premises to attend complaint with ref  <Complaint Reference>. This call is entitled for 60 minutes of his time and he is expected to check-out before <Expected Checkout Time>. Any issues pls call me @ 9884266666";

Email Alert :

Whatsapp Alert :

"Warm wishes from Trust Marketing, Your Complaint with ref <Complaint Number> has been reported closed by <Service Engineer Name> with status <Call Status>. Kindly rate this transaction @ https://data.trust.co.in/feedback/rating.php?random=<Random Reference>&type=ODV

  • Every onsite visit has an element of cost primarily the labor &  travelling.
  • As per our statistics only 10 - 12% of the calls get repeated hense our costing does not take into account the repeat calls.
  • In most cases, we cannot fix accountability on the reason for the need of repeat call.
  • Irrespective of the reason, one visit will be deducted on every on-site visit as per the policy as much as we pay for every visit to doctor irrespective of the result or effectiveness of the medicine prescribed by him.

The key difference between AMC & SMS lies in number of visits. Over the last decade the cost of electronic products have plummeted to a near 50% levels while the reliability improved drastically due to design improvisation.  In other words, if any equipment is maintained well with proper termination, electrical supply & proper earthing, the need for an onsite service requirement is near Zero. 

Any Contract with win-lose proposition is bound to cause heartburn for the one who ends up loser and that is what exactly an AMC does. Either the customer loses if he does not use the service provider during contract period or the service provider loses if the customers calls him too many times. More often it is the Customer who is on losing side than Service provider. 

Unlimited Visit is like Unlimited meals where the consumption is directly propositional to your hunger and pricing of such schemes are always designed keeping the heavy eater in mind while most of us eat light and end up filling the coffers of service provider.

SMS brings in a win-win for both Service provider , rewards Customer by carrying forward the unused visits to the subsequent year while it penalises  the customer who calls too often by making him pay for his inefficiency.

  • Every service request along with scanned service report is available in Customer mobile APP 'Genie' 
  • We can send the following report by email on demand in less than a minute.
  • This report has details of all service reports with event date(s), service engineer name and a link to open the service report.
  • As entire module is built on transparency, we have nothing to hide and ever ready to be subjected to any audit as deemed fit by you as customer.

* Epabx & Accesories

* CCTV Camera

* Access Control

* Biometric Equipments 

* Printers