“Genie”  subsumes all our earlier Mobile Apps

TrustDeal - Our Dealer App
TrustSupp - Our Supplier App
TrustCust - Our Customer App
TrustConf - Our Rental Customer App

In Common What Genie Can Do ?

* BRBP - You can get to know your updated Payment Receivables / Payables

* Directory - List of all relevant contact including their Landline, Mobile & Email

* Documents - You can Download all your transactions Documents from 01/04/2008. Invoices, Receipts, Purchase Orders etc 

* Pending Issues - Information you run from pillar to post @ your finger tip, like : Courier details, Status of Pending service material, Pending Sale Order etc

* Policy Documents - Download all our Policy,  Statutory &  Governing documents in pdf 

Genie - Customer App

Our Customer App Will have option to Register Ticket, Check all Warranty or AMC status of all products under trust care. You can check the current status of Ticket, Exact Service Engineer GPS live location, Download all previous service reports (since 01/04/2008)

Note : From any menu you can press the Home button on the footer to get to this menu.

Genie - Dealer App

Our Dealer App has dealer price list listed as well as Prepare sale order, reaching our billing desk directly

Note : From any menu you can press the Home button on the footer to get to this menu.



Genie - Supplier App

Our Supplier App has option to check our BRBP as well download all PO's raised by us.

Note : From any menu you can press the Home button on the footer to get to this menu.

Genie - Rental App

Our Rental App has option to book any of our listed conference halls and get email confirmation without any personal interaction !!!

Note : From any menu you can press the Home button on the footer to get to this menu.

Post registration if you do not have your company listed or if you want to add one of your other group company or branches, kindly call 7550208826 for adding the request and post update you canpress Refresh Accounts under More.

  • This menu lists all the App you are eligible to operate. You can toggle between the various APP’s and do your operation by Pressing ‘Apps’ menu.

  • If you are an EPABX customer as well as rental Customer, By pressing TrustConf all the menu related to Rental will be displayed in Home Screen. Post Exit you can choose TrustCust to move back to EPABX details.

  • Earlier all our four apps were different and customer had to download different App to don various avathar, but now single avathar, but wear the right hat as per need and change the hat as per your demand.

  • On selecting the corresponding customer, all the products under TrustCare will be listed.

  • On selection of the product, the Warranty / AMC details of the product including the date of expiry as well as number of visits pending will be displayed down.

  • Expiry Date & Number of visits has colour indication. Green if you have more than 30 Days expiry of contract / more than 3 visits, Orange if the contract is valid with less than 30 days validity / less than 3 , Red if contract has already expired.

  • To register ticket, just type the nature of complaint and press register. You can navigate to Pending Screen to check the status of the Ticket Registered.

  • Pending calls of all products are listed here with actual current status, along with Ticket Ref.

  • If the Status shows “Allotted” , you can check the live location of Engineer allotted under live screen.

  • This list shops all the attended Tickets for a particular customer.

  • The First row indicates <Ticket Ref> - <Engineer Name> - <Report Ref>.

  • The Second row indicates <Date> - <Time In> - <Time Out>.

  • The Third row indicates the product details.

  • On pressing the row, it will open the pdf of document signed by you for the corresponding service calls.

  • Details available from 01/04/2008 and normal lead time for scanning is One week.

  • This list shows all the product under TrustCare.

  • In case if you have stopped using a particular product, you can press “Clear” button and clear the row.

If Call status is “Alloted” , you can see the live location of engineer alloted in this section.

This menu lists all the products that are sold in our dealer channel with dealer pricing.

  • If you are a whitelisted dealer, you can bypass all the process in between and reach our billing desk.

  • You can prepare the Sale Order and expect the courier despatch the same evening without interacting with anyone.

  • This is currently offered to only select dealers with clean payment records for obvious reason.

  • BrBp the short form of Bills Receivables & Bill Payables.

  • The Label on left indicates type of Bill. While ‘P’ indicates Payable by us, ‘R’ indicates Payable by You.

  • Our Transaction ref have this format - YYMMXXYYYY

  • XX = 84 for our invoice , 73 for our purchase entry.

  • Numeric value on the right indicates aging of transaction. Eg 18 indicates, the number of days since the transaction was made.

  • This menu has BrBp for both Trust Marketing as well as Trust Electronics and well indicated in the grid.

  • The Directory indicates your contact points for various issues.

  • The directory has name of the contact, The department he/she belongs to, the mobile & the landline she attends to as well as official email to correspond with him/her.

  • You can download the transaction document for the last decade(01/04/2009) in pdf.

  • “Jobcard Invoice” - our Trust Electronics invoice for all your service material with us

  • “Product Sales Invoice” - our Trust Marketing invoice for all the material supplied. 

  • “Product Sales Receipt” - Our Trust Marketing Receipt for all your Payments.

  • “Service Receipt” - Our Trust Electronic Receipt for all your payment.

  • “Purchase Order” - Our Purchase Order to you (Only in Supplier App).

  • This menu indicates all the pending issues with us. You are never at dark with us with just plain truth displayed in this menu. It is as transparent as you are part of us. “Nothing Hidden, Just the plain truth”.

  • “Courier” - will give all the courier details including Docket Ref, short remarks of the material sent as well as Aging in days.

  • “Jobcard” - the details of Jobcard material in pending in our service centre at various stages with last remarks (not later than 3 days) for forward movement.

  • “Sale Order” - the details of your Sales Order pending in our stores at various stages with last remarks (not later than 3 days) for forward movement. 

This menu will display, all our policy, statutory  & governing documents for your download.

  • This gives you all the Future Bookings of all our own locations & partner locations.

  • Details Include Date, Venue & Timings

  • This menu helps you directly block the venue with no human intervention.

  • Kindly ensure that the Venue , Date & Time is free before blocking your preference.

  • The blocked data is available under our “Blocked” menuList Item 3

  • This gives you all the Future Bookings of the Customer Selected.

  • Details Include Date, Venue & Timings

    • Thank You For Using Me !!!

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    • Since you cannot understand my language, I have a human interface, who can talk human language who will assist you to get the best out of me and to understand me better.

    • She Can be reached @ 7550208826 

    • Truly Yours - Genie from Trust

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