Disinfection of Any Surface, Any Object, Any Size, Indoor, Outdoor, Humans, Water, Air, Food … As easy as Picking up a Tablet !!!

[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row][vc_row][vc_column width=”1/2″][vc_column_text]gea_disinfection_clorine-di-oxide_home[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][vc_column width=”1/2″][vc_column_text]Aquapro Chlorine-di-oxide tablet is GEA gift to the world where disinfection of every inch, every day for every business is the new mandatory norm. Disinfection is an extremely complex proposition with every surface, every medium, every application has different chemicals , different combination, coupled with varied disinfection process and settling down time that can be unsettling for human beings due to its toxic properties.

GEA and its technology created the perfect solution by making ClO2(chlorine dioxide) in a tablet form, allowing for 99.9% pure chlorine dioxide that’s ready to use. It requires no special training, is portable and safe and can be virtually used for every disinfection requirement.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row][vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text][/vc_column_text][vc_column_text]

Almost every inch on the planet contains bacteria and microorganisms that are contagious with capability to multiply quickly and can spread to items that comes closer. If numbers can help visualize, one square inch of human skin will have 600,000 bacteria most of it are harmless but a few are disease-causing organisms named as pathogens. Pre covid, disinfection was merely keeping work space clean & odorless than any scientific ways to eliminate pathogens. Post covid, there is lot of focus on chemicals used including their pros and cons and to ensure continuous and effective disinfection of the facility and people in it.

Disinfectants are chemical agents applied to any object in order to eliminate bacteria, viruses, fungi, mold or mildews living on the objects. The “active ingredient” in each disinfectant formula is what kills pathogens, usually by disrupting or damaging their cells. Active ingredients are usually aided by other ingredients with various other purposes like cleaning and deodorize the object.

What is chlorine?

Chlorine is a disinfectant that is available in many forms. These forms include: 

Chlorine gas, sodium hypochlorite “bleach” & calcium hypochlorite HTH tablets / granules, and organo-chloro compounds which can release chlorine on contact with water. Regardless of the form of chlorine, the disinfecting agent is hypochlorous acid, which is pH dependent for microbial efficacy.

Why use chlorine?

It is a strong oxidizer with end-user familiarity. It is very cost effective.

What are some of the current options or respective forms?

  1. Gayden Dlo is a 0.7% sodium hypochlorite solution
  2. Klorfasil or granulated tablets
  3. Dlo lavi is a 0.94% sodium hypochlorite
  4. Aquatabs is sodium dichloroisocyanurate that dissolves into solution to release hypochlorous acid


  1. Highly corrosive (all forms); free chlorine and chlorite will likely be present 
  2. Highly toxic (all forms); due to its volatility, the biggest cause for concern when using a chlorine compound is the formation of carcinogens (cancer causing agents);
    • A study by the U.S. Council of Environmental Quality showed that the cancer risk among people drinking chlorinated water is 93% higher than among those whose water does not contain chlorine.
  3. Inability to efficiently remove bioslime at low concentrations; bioslime is the ‘home’ for microbe colony forming units (CFUs)
  4. Changes odor and taste of food stuffs when used in food processing and/or water purification applications
  5. Currently banned substances, such as DDT and PCBs, have a distinct similarity: chlorine

It is Effective : 99.9% pure CIO2 is an oxidizer - plant pathogens are unable to build up a tolerance. It is effective against wide varieties of dangerous microorganisms including germs, viruses, bacteria, fungi, spores, mold & mildew.

It is Gentle: Unlike other disinfectants, there is no corrosion concerns at use levels, CIO2 can be used food, water & food preparation areas directly.

It is 99.9% Pure:Our technology is eco-friendly and OMRI organic certified, requiring no special disposal or handling requirements. The activated solution has a neutral pH.

Ease Of Use :

  1. Just add Water
  2. Spray & walk away.
  3. Offers superior material compatibility.
  4. Pour any unused solution down any drain.
  5. Throw used packages in any trash can.
  6. No special handling or disposable training necessary.

Pure CIO2 is also a powerful deodorizer :

  1. Pure CIO2 has higher kill capacity as compared to any other major oxidizer(2.5x).
  2. Pure CIO2 offers superior ability to remove bio-slime.
  3. Gas phase and aqueous application.

GEA, Germany a 150+ Year Old Enterprise into Hygiene and Sanitation has launched Aqua Pro Chlorine Dioxide Tablets which are used for disinfecting and eliminating Virus, Bacteria, Germs, Fungi and Algae. It removes the Biofilm from the microbes which prevents immunity building in the microbes and protects the surface. It is prepared within 6 minutes and its effect stays from 12-72Hrs depending on Exposure to Outside Environment. It is Non-Carcinogenic and Non-Corrosive in Nature.

  • Store in a cool and dry place. Keep Tablets stored in an air tight container and do not touch tablets with wet hands
  • Keep Tablets away from direct fire
  • Do not consume directly and keep away from children
  • Tablets can be stored for more than 2 years and once solution is made can be stored for up to 30 days (For sterilization use fresh solution daily)
  • Wear Gloves and Masks while spraying, fumigating or handling chemical
  • Wipe surface with wet mop/cloth post application of the chemical with normal water to complete the process
  • Ensure the dilution ratios are maintained as per Standard Operating Procedure as required for each application
  • Do not handle high concentration solution with bare hands
  • Ensure even spraying of solution so that optimum concentration levels are maintained on all surfaces
  • Ensure frequent disinfection takes place for complete safety
  • For closed room fumigation make sure you air out for 15 minutes before entering after overnight use in bowl 
  • For fruits and vegetables, ensure you wash with water before consuming
  • When used in Water Tanks ensure you have an active water filtration system before drinking
  • In disinfection tunnels ensure there is no prolonged exposure
  • It may cause discoloring of certain fabrics at high concentration levels

Unlike conventional disinfecting methods that uses various chemicals, combinations that changes as per surface as well as equipment used with hazordous side effects if not done with experience & expertice, Aquapro - Chlorine-di-oxide uses a single tablet of varied sizes as per your need. All you need is just refer the Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) as per your application, mix with water or use as suggested. Even Air fumigation & closed room disinspection does not need coverage of every inch, just a simple spray as you walk will do the trick. It all requires to refer our Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) and basic comman sense to disinspect any area, any object , any surface .....

  • Mix 1G tablet in 10 liters of water
  • As per the need use a portion of the mixture for current cleaning and store the rest for next requirement.
  • You can store & use the mixture for a maximum of 30 days
  • Dip and wash the vegetables & fruits in mixture
  • Ensure you wash with water before consuming
  • Before you start using Aquapro Chlorine-di-oxide tablet, it is recommended to do a manual cleaning of sump 
  • Drop adequate tablets into the sump @ 1G/100Ltr
  • Wait for 6 minutes before you use the water from sump
  • This will eliminate Virus, Bacteria,Germs, Fungi and Algae and you can consume the water directly without any need for RO or water filters.
  • Unlike RO / water filters, this keeps all the minerals & vitamins present in the water intact and does not alter the property of water
  • The sump will also remain clean of scaling, sludge accumulation & algae formation and will eliminate the need for periodic sump cleaning
  • Regular use of Aquapro Chlorine-di-oxide tablet will also remove accumulated scaling & dust accumulation and keep the water flow consistent and prolongs the life of your distribution channel.
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Bangalore City Police Chooses GEA Aquapro Over Conventional Disinfectants :

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